Food industry mainly consists of four distict sectors: the farms service, the producers, the processors and the marketers.While the major services performed by each sectorin distinct, many firms in the food industry have vertically integrated across sector boundries. Between the producers sector, there are some sub-industries related two fruits, such as fresh and dried kinds.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Global fruits and vegetables ingredients market is segmented by different types. By ingredient type (fruits and vegetables), By application (beverages, confectionery products, RTE (ready-to-eat) products, bakery products, soups & sauces products and dairy products), product type (concentrates, pastes & purees, NFC juices and pieces & powders), and by Geography.

Fruit and vegetable ingredients are projected to be superior and are expected to overtake fresh fruits and vegetables in the future, for the prevention of many diseases. Fruit ingredient accounted for the major share, followed by vegetable ingredient. Increased demand for fruit juice concentrate in the beverage industry is the primary factor driving the market.

Beverages is the leading application of fruits and vegetable ingredient in the market, either in the form of concentrate, powders, or NFC juices.

Dried Fruits and Edible Nuts

Regarding to Iran 4-season climate, almost all types of dried fruits and edible nuts are produced in the country, with very high quality level. On the other way, the global market for dried fruits and edible nuts is projected to reach about 70 million tons, respectively by 2024, driven by the growing awareness over the nutrient contribution of nuts and fruits on diet quality.Demand is also benefitting from research studies highlighting the role played by dried fruits and nuts in portion control and healthy weight management: innovation in product packaging, launch of exotic and unusual fruit and nut plant seeds, preparation of uniquely flavored nuts in sweet, soul, savory, spicy and salty flavors and propagation of distinct health benefits through product awareness campaigns initiated by manufacturers.