About Us

Who We Are

Kousha Holding is an Iranian holding headquartered in Isfahan, Iran. It was established in 2018 by several economic activists, each one directing a successful business. The group companies engage in construction, foods, hospitality, engineering, manufacturing, ICT, mining, handicrafts, investment and general trading sectors.


What We Do

The main mission of Kousha group is developing international markets for Iranian products and services. Iran has so many export-advantaged products. Not only carpets and pistachios! But also different processed and high-tech goods.
We research, invest, produce, transport, declare and deliver! So, choose one and use hundreds with Kousha.

Our Mission

The common approach between all the co-founders was reaching to international and global markets, increasing the diversity of the activity fields, developing the target markets for Iranian businesses and making international commerce easier for Iranian companies.

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Our Values

We believe that businesses wouldn’t be succeeded unless observing its values. Kousha values are respecting to the customers in any situation, making more and more opportunities for businesses in the community, and creating win-win deals with partners, such as suppliers and customers.